Visiting Artist

Chris Fabian

Christopher Fabian is a technologist who, along with Erica Kochi, co-founded UNICEF’s Innovation Unit in 2006. He currently runs UNICEF Ventures - and makes investments into open source technologies that can provide solutions to societal problems, particularly those facing children. Between 2007 and 2015 he held the role of Senior Advisor on Innovation to the Executive Director at UNICEF. Fabian spent a year (2010) as Senior Advisor on Innovation to the Executive Office of the Secretary-General. In 2015 he led the launch of UNICEF’s Innovation Fund, a pooled funding vehicle built to quickly assess, fund and scale companies, teams, and ideas that have been developed in new and emerging markets. Fabian is known for his work on tools for children and communities in low-infrastructure environments, including the Digital Drum, U-Report, and RapidSM. In 2013, Fabian was on the Time 100 list of global influencers. Since 2007, Fabian has been Senior Advisor on Innovation to the Executive Director at UNICEF. He co-founded UNICEF’s Office of Innovation, which has developed open source tools for improving basic health and communication in low-infrastructure regions. It has helped build the largest mobile health system in the world in Nigeria. The Office of Innovation has also used real-time SMS to help stop the spread of Ebola,smartphones to register children after a disaster, and tablet-based games to teach kids in Sudan.

Visiting artist at Arts Letters & Numbers Information Poverty Workshop 2017.

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