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Chris Rose

We know as much as our means of expression, engagement, our ‘art’ allows us to know, since we can know only what we have attempted to share, explain, present or negotiate. (From ‘Five Essays on Design’, 2006).

Chris is currently at Rhode Island School of Design, USA where he is professor of furniture design, and a member of the team working with National Science Foundation funded projects in the arts. For the past few years Chris has partnered with founder David Gersten in the development of the 'Listening Critique' in support of in-depth creative practice for individuals. Chris was program director of a multiple discipline crafts and design program in Brighton, England until 2009 and continues to supervise research in design in UK and Finland. He is a member of the Engineering Social Justice and Peace Network, an international grouping of educators and specialists seeking new forms of relevant knowledge development on the basis of need.

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