Visiting Artist

Emergent Scores Lab

Emergent Scores Lab (ESL), a bi-weekly meeting of artists working in temporal media. As the name implies, their meetings are investigations of the spontaneous development of structures in these forms.

“In daily life among denizens of any town, one need not usually know what each other actor is doing -- we are tuned into the logic of the mutually created scene with it’s tacit agreements about what constitutes acceptable behavior. Our actions moment-to-moment exist within this frame.

By having no beginning, no plan, the arc of (elements in) our work in ESL can be continuous, or at least parallel, with the arc of everyday life. And so a natural sense obtains, each of us making decisions in much the same way that we do in the rest of our lives. The elements/actions arrived at are correspondingly eccentric but the initiations and causal links are perfectly ordinary, based on a lifetime of working within varying systems of social norms.

The beauty of our work, when it is beautiful, may be the result of the tension between the eccentric actions and the socially prosaic relationships.”

Visiting artists at Arts Letters & Numbers 2019.

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