Visiting Artist

Evan Cory Levine

Evan Cory Levine is an entertainer, producer, and electronics whiz living in Philadelphia, PA. Since moving to the city in 2011, he has become an in-demand guitarist and vocalist for numerous ensembles specializing in jazz music of the 1920's, including The Josh Fialkoff Quartet, The Perseverance Jazz Band, Drew Nugent & The Midnight Society, and the Red Hot Ramblers. Levine also leads his own groups, performs in The Mahogany Stompers, a duo with percussionist Julius Masri, and The Howling Kettles, an old-timey trio with members spread across the United States.

Levine is also an active producer, has worked extensively as a live sound technician, and builds electronic equipment to use in his home studio and in his solo experimental project, Our Boy.

Visiting artist at Arts Letters & Numbers Summer Workshop 2013.

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