Visiting Artist

Ginger Teppner

I am a writer of both poetry and prose. I allow for the possibility that poetry and prose are complete only when conjoined, existing in time and space together, unable to be separate. Start with form and content must erupt. Start with content; form is manifest. It is not about appearing clever. It is about ultimate connection and the possibility of sneaking under the trip wire of pre-thought. It is about writing around the thickness of expectation.
For the first time the concept of poet/writer as time mechanic resonates completely, as I become less and less interested in definition unless it pertains to intent. I become estranged from the questions of what does this mean and where is this going? Who I am now becomes a reflection of who I am now exemplified in the spaces present between the words and lines and contours and time and location. All artifacts exist at the same time in conversation with each other. Without aggression, suspended by curiousity, and with total appreciation for the collective and divine, form finds an innocent page, right place, and closest representation. A definition of artifice: below the referential, sonic, and spacial is another atmosphere with an undercurrent that defies narrative and logic, the ineffable unknown.

Visiting artist at Arts Letters & Numbers Summer Workshop 2012, 2014, 2017 and 2018.

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