Jenny 如 Hsiao

lately I have been working on spatial & temporal sites for civic practice, including — study groups, translations, entanglement, the para-cinematic, cæsurae, time travel, fugitivity  

when I was five years old in 1995, my family moved to Taiwan from Brooklyn after I scored a 44 on a test in Chinese School — in Taipei I thrived in the tropics and chaos, and learned to say 喂 on the phone for "hello / are you there?" to my first friends who did not live on the block — back to the US, I took NYC public school French from 2001-2008 which I still only now am beginning to grasp on a level somewhere below consciousness — in 1881 telephone lines were laid in French-conceded Shanghai — a classmate returned from his travels of summer '07 to inform the rest of us that in fact, the kids do not say "oui" in France — they say "ouais" ::

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