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Laura Genes

Laura Genes is a recent graduate of The Cooper Union in New York City. She received the 2011 Benjamin Menschel Fellowship with Mauricio Cortes. Along with her brother, Hugo Genes, they traveled to Mato Grosso, Brazil to visit the Pimental Barbosa aldeia of the Xavante Tribe as part of The Nancy Flowers Project; a visual investigation exploring the relationship of photography and it's subject. The Nancy Flowers Project is a collaboration between photojournalist/anthropologist Nancy Flowers (b. 1920) and three young artists, Laura Genes, Hugo Genes and Mauricio Cortes.  Laura has also received the Mark L. Moehlman Prize for Excellence in Writing. Her short essay about Francisco Goya's painting The Forge was published by The Frick Collection.  She is currently developing a student-run literary publication, "The Alphabet" with her classmates Arta Perezic and Kiwi Ngyn. She has interned at Andrew Bartle Architects and more recently at dbox, a branding and creative agency. She visits her homeland of Brazil, as often as she can and when she can't make it to the beach she practices synchronized swimming with her mother Katia on Roosevelt Island.

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