Advisory Council, Visiting Artist

Remo Guidieri

Studied with Claude Levi-Strass and did field-works in: South-east Melanesia, Central Polynesia. Has been Professor in anthropology and aesthetics, Paris since 1972; Visiting Professor, Irwin Chanin School of Architecture, Cooper Union, New York, since 1989; co-founder (1981) of Res, Journal of Anthropology and Aesthetics, Harvard, Mass. Author of countless essays and books, published in France, Italy, Spain, Mexico, Rumania, Germany, and USA. Recent titles include: Argonautics, Pièges & Outils (Traps & Tools), 2007; Miroir du vestibule (Mirror of the vestibule) 2009; Géométrie sauvage (Savage Geometry) 2010. On Loan and Sacrifice, Too Late, Too Early.

Visiting artist at Arts Letters & Numbers 2012, 2013 and 2015. 

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