HEAT: Arts Letters & Numbers

Act Two: Emergent Works, Emergent Structures, Emergent Institution

November  2014

“Friction creates heat, heat creates transformation, the art is to create interactions within a temperature range that amplifies discourse, not diminishes it.”

               David Gersten

 There are people and institutions across all disciplines and across the globe that are confronted by the need for new models to ask the increasingly complex questions of our time. The challenges and possibilities of such a moment call for creative urgency, considered stewardship and new spaces to bring together diverse voices.

Arts Letters & Numbers is a social poetic project grounded in the humanities and craft, in ethics and the imagination. Through our works and workshops we have demonstrated in countless ways the capacity to create powerful emergent works of depth and breath, of individual and collective thoughts, emotions, imaginations and actions. The work now is to inhabit these questions; to listen to and imagine these works in a diversity of time frames and durations, and craft an organic framework for growth.

This HEAT gathering marks the beginning of a series of events in search of new structures for a new world: structures for proximity, interaction and transformation, for the evolution of knowledge within an expanding disciplinary geography, for empathy; material and spatial, structures for the individual poetic imagination to construct shared stories and spaces as a profound social act.  

In short, we are in search of an emergent institution as organic and alive as our workshops.
'Education is the reenactment of that which may not have happened yet'.