Jam in the Salon

Since last year was such a great success, we will do it again! For this holiday Friday, our weekly Film Screening will give room for Jam in the Salon. Going back in time at the House on the Hill, we will open up the speakeasy salon from the 1920’s, and welcome you to an evening (with no end), of music jam. The bar will be opened for the occasion. Not to be forgotten is the current life of the house. Merging the past with the present we will have our artists in residence works on view. 

For the holidays there are a lot of family members and friends visiting from a far (and from a not so far distance), and we know that there are a lot of music interest blossoming during these gatherings. Whether you are playing, want to play or just enjoy being in a space full of music, please join us this Friday. We have a Baldwin Grand piano, bongo drums, guitars, pots n pans and smiling faces. Feel free to bring yourself, your family and friends, and your instruments, at any time from 5pm and beyond.

No prior music related experience is needed for you to attend this event, nor are you required to play. Come join the jam of music, mingle and good times. 

Please bring: INSTRUMENTS along with desired beverage for the bar, thanksgiving leftovers worth sharing, or anything else you might have in mind.  Think 1920’s.. 

The following works will be on view:

5:00pm - 6:30pm: the Mill/Shop 1st Floor

Saskia Krafft - Ultramarine Factory
Saskia Krafft’s installation in The Mill alters the workshop space into a setting of a fictional manufactory of the color ultramarine, using screenprints and the pre-existing machines, tools and materials.

8:00pm - 9:00pm: 2nd Floor Closet

Elsa Mencagli and Saskia Krafft - Light Stories
A light performance

5:00pm - Late: the Mudroom & 2nd Floor Bedroom

Pablo Martinez - Todo se transforma
Description is refered to the following song: 
Todo se transforma by Jorge Drexler

Jody Wissner - Nowhere to Hide
This project is about privacy: hiding our bodies and our identities. Making ourselves less known to make others more comfortable. Making our bodies smaller to take up less space. My own repression has caused me enough grief. I think life would be better without the facade.