New Fellows have joined Arts Letters & Numbers!

The Fellows Program is central to the creative, programmatic and operational life of Arts Letters & Numbers. Each Fellow brings a distinctive vision and voice to the project, and contributes to the building of the community in a multitude of ways. Arts Letters & Numbers is a place for the Fellows to pursue their individual creative works, whatever form they take. These works are then shared with the broader Arts Letters & Numbers community and contribute to the evolving discourse of the overall project. 

Parallel with their works, each Fellow is invited to propose ALN programming from spontaneous actions and one-day events, to workshops, long-form courses, exhibitions and international collaborations. The programs conceived by the Fellows are as diverse as their individual works, demanding the same care, craft, and willingness to take risks inherent in all artistic endeavors. The programs are pursued with the same creative urgency as the works they generate, making the juxtaposition of these programs an essential component of the overall texture and diversity of voices of Arts Letters & Numbers.  

The Fellows also contribute to the ongoing construction, operations and administration of Arts Letters & Numbers. They bring a wide array of knowledge and skills to these efforts, extending from building construction to international initiatives and institutional collaborations. The continuing efforts of the Fellows towards building the project are fundamental to the ethos of Arts Letters & Numbers. Ultimately, the fellows program is an essential element dynamically building the community: Arts Letters & Numbers simply would not exist without the efforts of the Fellows and their individual dedication of purpose to bringing this project into the world.

We are thrilled to announce our two newest Fellows: Josephine Nørtoft Saabye & Merethe Bahn Trolle!