Sessions: New Program

In January 2018, a new chapter will open at Arts Letters & Numbers, a new programming series entitled ‘Sessions’.  Occurring at least once a month, each Session will take place over 5 to 10 days, offering a small group of participants the chance to live and work together, delving deeply into a particular topic, theme or question, Facilitated by a Session Coordinator(s) and Arts Letters & Numbers Resident Staff & Fellows, the intent of the program is to create an immersive space of inquiry and action, a place for deep questioning, thinking and making.  Our aim is to create the circumstances for moving past, as David Bohm puts it, “one’s habits of mechanical perception in terms of preconceived ideas’, opening up new ways of thinking, imagining and approaching the pressing questions of our time.

The structure of the Sessions is not fixed, in part owing to the wide range of subject matter and disciplines they span.  Instead, the form of each Session is developed in response to its particular focus, as well as retaining an emergent dimension, reflecting the necessarily open nature of the imagination: the genuine pursuit of new ideas entails that we remain open to the possibility that our discoveries may well change the very structure of the pursuit itself.  Placing a variety of disciplines in proximity, and removing the barrier of anticipated outcomes, the Sessions aim to create situations that encourage experimental thought, action and interaction, through a variety of mediums and languages, through word, gesture, sound, image and substance.