Tales of the Unexpected | Session

We are excited to announce our first Session of the season: Tales of the Unexpected, with Chris Rose November 9th - 12th. Our session series range from two days to week-long programs. Invited artists will direct the program to navigate a group of artists through their questions.

Tales of the Unexpected expands upon the 2017 session‘Deciding to See’, where we explored the perceptual phenomena that finds within ourselves a balance or counterweight to our perceptions of the 'out there'. This mirroring analogy is what appears to enable us to experience the ‘persistence of the present moment’. ‘Seeing’ is a doing word, a verb, and like any verb can be augmented, differentiated and evolved. We push at the world and the world pushes back at us, in whatever direction we direct our attention.

Come and join us at Arts Letters and Numbers for Tales of the Unexpected; a workshop, seminar, space for practice, food, sleep and hopefully, revelation.