The World's Most Inspiring Design Residencies

We are very honored to have been listed as one of 11 of the World's Most Inspiring Design Residencies by Artsy last year. Our residency program started in 2015, at that time run by architects who had never participated in a residency before. This beautifully began our journey of organically building a program with each and every artist who came. It’s amazing to look back at the last few years and the artists who have come from all over the world to create, to share and to engage in the community.

Almost 200 artists have had the opportunity to be in our residency. Many of them have come back, for longer, multiple times, other programs or simply to say hi. We are grateful for the connections that have been made amongst the artists and that they continue to live on after their time here.

Our residency program is on hold during the summer workshop - but we are excited for a new group of artists the arrive when we start up the program again on August 15th.