Twin Houses | 1554-1560 Burden Lake Road

Five years ago, after occupying the Mill for two summers, the House on the Hill became part of Arts Letters & Numbers. With the House on the Hill we began year round activities, opening up a whole new world of programming and dramatically increasing our engagement with the community.

This week we took another step. Thanks to the support of a dear friend of ALN, the two houses across the street from the House on the Hill are now a part of our campus. The two identical houses, which we have come to call the Twin Houses, used to be housing for the workers of Faith Mills. The houses, each consisting of 3 apartments, will be key to the expansion of our programming.

Our extraordinary onsite team is now making the Twin Houses ready to accommodate artists for the summer workshop. We are deeply thankful for this amazing support and super excited for all this will bring to Arts Letters and Numbers.