Hinges, Mirrors & Eclipses | Summer Workshop 2018

It is with true excitement that we announce our 7th Summer Workshop: Hinges Mirrors & Eclipses.

The four-week intensive workshop will be led by Director David Gersten, the Arts Letters & Numbers Fellows and a wide range of Visiting Artists including: Architects, Filmmakers, Musicians, Composers, Physicists, Poets, Photographers, Actors, Mimes, Theater Directors, Chefs, Scientists and Scholars. 

Hinges, Mirrors & Eclipses is grounded in the idea that the spatial, poetic and material imaginations provide a unique means of registering and creating transformation, of engaging the world and making a contribution. 

The workshop will explore many forms of knowledge, agency, action and interactions, creating physical and performative works, words, structures, gestures, improvisations and inventions. These works will evolve and emerge as a field of inquiry and agency, a shared body of individual and collective works asking the questions: Hinges Mirrors & Eclipses.