Gratitude for 2018

We begin 2019 with a big heart felt THANK YOU to all of you who have supported Arts Letters & Numbers over the past years. We are so thankful to everyone who is contributing to building, lifting, pulling, pushing, holding and willing this project into the world.

The spectrum of your energy, donations and support make this project possible and are a beautiful reflection of the spectrum of our community. 
In 2018 alone, we have received a giant range of donations and support, from: crucial financial support in many sizes and shapes, to donations of: food, materials, vehicles, equipment, to a constant flow of amazing people who bring countless hours of volunteer time and work to our ongoing: programs, operations and facilities improvements at our Averill Park Campus. 

What we have achieved together is remarkable! we are so energized and excited to begin 2019 on such solid foundations and in the warm embrace of this remarkable community.
We would love to hear your hopes and aspirations for the year to come. 

Looking forward to seeing you soon.

Thank you.

All of us at Arts Letters & Numbers.