Now Accepting Applications | Constitution

Arts Letters & Numbers is pleased to announce our 6th summer workshop. Each year, we structure our summer workshop through a question or questions that address the moment we are in. This year we ask: CONSTITUTION. We frame Constitution as a constellation of questions with the hope that we can inhabit them and create new works, acts, and actions, that speak to the urgencies of our time.

More information and application form is now available

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Building Bibliophilia | Engaging in the pleasure of making books

Through their mutual love of books Cathleen and Troels will develop a workshop series to revolve around the many different aspects of the book – the book as a work of art, as a vessel, as knowledge, as an archive, as structure, as an anti-rocking device, as a gathering of papers, as a thing, as an object and subject at the same time. The book has a capacity to reach across disciplines as no discipline can renounce the book which is what makes it such a universal object/subject.


Workshop March 1st-8th, 2015 | Oppenheimer's Table

The immersive workshop seeks to ask questions of this moment in history by directly engaging and inhabiting the space of original doodles collected from the Joint meetings of the AEC, GAC, MLC chaired by Robert Oppenheimer. We will dig into these artifacts as source root and excavate the multi dimensional / durational questions passing through them. The hope is that through a shared framework of conversations, questions and actions we will create new linkages, new questions and new works.