Creative Music Intensive | Summer 2018

As a parallel integrated program to Arts Letters & Numbers Summer Workshop,  Michael Harrison and Sophia Vastek will direct the two week long Creative Music Intensive, which will be held July 22 – August 5.  Participants who are applying for the program are also encouraged to attend the prior two weeks of the Summer Workshop, July 7- July 22.

In this intensive, the participants will be immersed in the creative process of making music, collaborating and performing with a diverse group of artists from many disciplines. This will be a search to find new ways to unleash everyone's creative potential, and to discover and develop individual and collaborative voices as creative artists. This intensive is open to both amateur and professional musicians in any genre (the ability to read music is not required). The directors will customize the intensive on an ongoing basis to address the needs and wishes of each and every participant. Time will be divided as needed between individual and group activities, and between the music and Arts Letters & Numbers workshop program. Visiting artists include composer/pianist Michael Harrison, pianist Sophia Vastek, composer/sound artist Nina Young, composer/violist Anne Lanzilotti, composer/percussionist Payton MacDonald, and electroacoustic composer/saxophonist Sam Torres. Visiting artists are available to coach and perform participant’s works for any combination of piano, viola, saxophone, percussion and electronics, as well as facilitating collaborations with a wide range of artists that will also be attending Arts Letters & Numbers summer workshop under the direction of ALN Founder David Gersten.

Music making activities that we will explore include:

  • Collaborating on the creation and performance of a house concert at ALN

  • Developing interdisciplinary collaborations and performances with a diverse group of artists

  • Learning and performing Terry Riley’s minimalist masterpiece “In C”

  • The art and techniques of musical composition

  • Improvisation (group and solo)

  • Indian classical singing (ragas) and explorations in “New World Raga”

  • Indian rhythmic cycles, polyrhythms and minimalist music techniques

  • Just Intonation (theory and practice)

  • Creating electronic and electroacoustic music

  • Installation, music concrete, sound walk and found sound

  • Chamber ensemble and solo performance

  • Tuition includes a private lesson for each participant (if requested)

  • Workshops and presentations with visiting artists from a wide range of disciplines