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Holiday Appeal for your support of Arts Letters & Numbers

Dear Arts Letters & Numbers Community, 
It was just a year ago this weekend that we carried our new (used) 1,000 lbs boiler into the basement of the House on the Hill to heat our first winter, and we have been lifting Arts Letters & Numbers everyday since.
At the beginning of last fall, we resolved to do everything we could to grow ALN into a vibrant, international hub of creative energy and to have that creativity rooted in our passionate local community. Numerous individuals have converged in support resulting in a year full of incredible, workshops, exhibitions, lectures, music, drawing, films, performances and construction projects*.
While building this range of programs, we have been continually making crucial improvements to our facilities. In tandem with every new lecture, workshop, dinner, and film night, we are securing the roof, stabilizing the stairs, fixing the plumbing, holding up the place for it to hold up these initiatives. We are literally building this bridge while crossing it!
Due to the urgency of the season, this post is focused on one subject:
A direct appeal for your financial support of Arts Letters & Numbers.
As this project has grown from a once-a-year ‘summer workshop’ to a flourishing year-round project, so have its demands for resources**. In this week of gratitude, I am writing to thank you for your outstanding support and to urge you to consider a tax-deductible year-end donation to Arts Letters & Numbers.
We need to raise 25k in order to secure our facilities and maintain our ongoing programming throughout the winter.
If you follow Arts Letters & Numbers and are moved by our commitment to explore arts and education through ceaseless communal endeavors, please take a moment during this holiday season and give at what ever level you can. Every dollar you donate to ALN will be multiplied in its impact through the volunteer efforts of our remarkable growing community.
Each donation counts; if just half of you who read this post donate 50 dollars each, we will reach our goal. 
ALN is possible through the endless dedication of purpose and intensity of desire within the community. We are running as fast as we can to sustain our programs and projects with a great volunteer force, but this force needs resources and materials. We need the support of YOU, our broader community, to keep the project going.
Thank you in advance and wishing you a wonderful holiday season full of warmth and health.

David Gersten
Director, Arts Letters & Numbers


* The Residency Program alone has received applications from over 80 artists across 30 countries. 40 of these artists have come to ALN to share new ideas, create new works and engage with the local as well as global community. Our 4th Summer Workshop, “Galapagos Now,” exquisitely expressed the mission of ALN. Diverse minds from a broad spectrum of disciplines and cultural backgrounds enacted a moving work that has sparked a number of “Galapagos Projects” across the globe. 

** Our non-profit 501c3 designation was a tremendous achievement that we have already been putting to work. We have recently formed a committee specifically dedicated to engaging grant and funding opportunities at the federal, state, local, and private foundation levels. We are seeking every financial avenue that fosters cultivation of the arts and the humanities.