With this summers workshop ‘Galapagos Now:’ Arts Letters & Numbers initiates the Galapagos Project; an educational project in collaboration with institutions and individuals world-wide to foster active proximity and interaction among diverse cultures, disciplines and living systems. The mission and  meaning of this framework is to encourage, facilitate and advocate for a greater diversity of agents to interact, which in turn enables individuals to build connections between their multiple diverse ways of living and knowing.

NOW: is a pre-enactment of Galapagos Now: and the first action in the Galapagos Project. This week, we will be executing a simultaneous live event between the Mill and Galerie Subsuelo in Berlin. During a five day span, both locations will host a series of 'Now:s', actions within the duality that will collapse time and space.  Our website will serve as the backdrop. On Wednesday we start building the bridge on 'Now.'


THE NOW:                           DATE:                                               THE MILL:                             SUBSUELO:
Tuning In                              Wednesday June 17, 2015              12:00pm  EDT                      18:00  CET
Night Drawing                     Thursday June 18, 2015                  6:00pm   EDT                      00:00 CET (+1)
Double Screening               Friday June 19, 2015                       7:00pm   EDT                      01:00  CET (+1)
Opening Dinner                  Saturday June 20, 2015                  3:00pm   EDT                      21:00  CET
Folding out                          Sunday June 21, 2015                     10:00am  EDT                      16:00  CET


You can experience the NOW:s right here or by visiting the following locations:

Atelier Galerie SUBSUELO            

Lübbenerstr 18, Kreuzberg, Berlin

The Mill and The House on The Hill     

1525-1543 Burden Lake Road, Averill Park, NY