Two pianos now live at ALN!

Arts Letters & Numbers' emphasis on music as a key component that fosters the creation of our arts and our community has been generously graced by two piano donations, thanks to our beloved friend, composer, pianist, and member of our Advisory Council, Michael Harrison, who connected us to the donors.

Sisters Margery Rosenberg and Susan Bahr gifted us their Baldwin concert grand piano which belonged to their mother who lived in West Hartford. After she passed away, Margery and Susan wished for the piano to be received by those who would honor its use and continue making music with it.

A Kawai upright piano was donated by the professional pianist Dennis Buck who has been living and performing in the NY metro area for many decades. He just fulfilled a lifetime dream of purchasing a rebuilt vintage Steinway grand and wanted his old piano to find animation and care among those who continue to make music. Our house that is now the home for both pianos finds visiting artists at the keys, composing or permuting music that fills up our spaces all around. They inaugurate conversations, thoughts, memories, installations, and poems. We are deeply grateful to Margery, Susan, and Dennis’ for their generosity.