Summer at ALN: Revolution

This will be our 8th summer at ALN. Previously, each summer we have held a Summer Workshop - these remarkable, wild, intense, exploratory, explosive and deeply moving gatherings goes back to the origin of ALN in 2012, where it all began with a boarded up mill and a shared hope.

This year, we took a close look at where we are now, and through many conversations, we creatively searched to understand the role the Workshops have played in ALN and the most precise form they could become within the overall growing project; we did the hard work of reimagining the Summer Workshop itself. These conversations were, well, beautiful, they were elliptical, wide-ranging, creative exchanges on creating spaces of exploration through the arts of teaching and learning. We are moved to share that these efforts have borne fruit!

We are excited to announce a new dynamic structure of multiple programs, for the Summer at ALN. These programs will be run in parallel and in close proximity, each with its own structure, schedule, tone and possibilities, they will be autonomous and interdependent, with lots of opportunities for collaboration. While each of these programs will have its own unique character, they all offer space for people to pursue their questions in conversation with others and create emergent works within a creative community.