Article in Times Union

Times Union's Paul Grondahl wrote a piece about Arts Letters & Numbers after experiencing our first 'Tasting' event - where we brought many of the cultural influential leaders and initiates, from the capital region, together in the Mill. Read the article and learn about how where we are today links back to Broadway, Albany!

Sessions: New Program

We are pleased to announce a new chapter at Arts Letters & Numbers, in January 2018 we will begin a new programming series entitled ‘Sessions’. Occurring at least once a month, each Session will take place over 5 to 10 days, offering a small group of participants the chance to live and work together, delving deeply into a particular topic, theme or question, facilitated by a Session Leader(s) and Arts Letters & Numbers Resident Staff & Fellows.

Artist in Residence

Day Residency: Expansion of our Residency Program

We are excited to announce a new addition to our Artist in Residence Program: Day Residency - for commuting artists. Over the course of the last three years we have seen the great impact our Residency Program has had on national and international artists. With such a diverse community of creative people we have realized it’s time to make this program more accessible for regionally based artists!

Performance Film release: Circling Towards a Disciplinary Chora

Our latest film is now available for viewing!

On May 9th, 2014 Arts Letters & Numbers acquired the house on the hill above the mill. Built in 1859, this house previously served as the original mill owner’s residence. Now it will become the residence for Arts Letters & Numbers ongoing programs.  Our third summer workshop focussed on these very immediate questions:

What is space between the house and the mill? 
How do we inhabit this new geography?