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Ida Show and Tell

What do aprons, dew, clouds, and oak stumps have in common? On Thursday September 29th, 2016, Ida Liedl held a show and tell about art, life and her 4 weeks long September residency.

"I practice direct contact with simple materials and domestic processes for sublime ends. My paintings are places of improvisation and polarity. They are also translucent habitations for light. Skin-like and vulnerable, they bleed. Working with colour as a sentient phenomenon facilitates painterly regenerations of spaces and things by leading them beyond their fixed boundaries. These contemplative and/or quirky attempts at animism are indebted to dead romantics and modernists. They furnish utopian longings for a thriving culture of human experience." - Ida Liedl

Photography © Zelé Angelides. 2016. All rights reserved.