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What Works in It? | Exhibition, April 29 | The Mill

These new works exhibited at the Mill last Friday are a perfect indicator of the power of spring in the air. It's amazing to watch how the mill fills up with human spirit and it's wheels start turning as the temperatures rise. This beautiful group of artists, each with their own intimate and driven idiosyncratic approach to their work, created a thick and palpable emotive space when the works all hung together. The room felt like a crisply balanced orchestra of paradoxes as you let your eyes scan around and take in what the works could be saying to each other. Amplitude and elegance, intellect and poise, whispers and wit, philosophical musings, boldness and masked morbidness of still life– all in a dance around the chatter and smiles borne by the groups of people moving about the space. There were paintings, drawings, sculpture, textile art, film and poetry by artists from Philadelphia, Berlin, Nigeria, Boston, Sweden, Florida, New York and Liverpool, UK. Below are a few photographs from the night.

Featuring works by:

Oluwatobi Adewumi

Samuel Allison

Frida Foberg

Juliet Martin

Francisco Perez

Stephen Sheehan

Alexandra Sirotovich

Megan Ulrich