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The End is Coming | Exhibition

On June 14th our Artist in Residence Julie Puma exhibited her work while Ruby Jayaseelan simultaneously performed an interpretation of Julie's work in the form of improvisational dance.  

Arts Letters & Numbers is a magical place. When I arrived for my two week stay, I was stripped of my comforts, my family and fast paced life. I was in complete chock. My body and mind reacted by going into panic mode. I could have easily taken medication to numb and calm the experience, but I chose not to. Instead of numbing I decided to say the words '"live in the moment" free of the day to day demands of family and work, I went to my studio practice. 

This was a difficult process and I cried a lot. Throughout my life, I reflect on the lost of both my sister and mother to breast cancer and I realize the work (because that is what it feels like even though it is gratifying) is never done. This body of work reflects not only my time here but narratives of mortality, grief, the body, time (past and present) and many more that cannot be named.

Julie Puma
Artist statement