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Painting Workshop with Asma Mahmood

On Tuesday November 7th our Artist in Residence Asma Mahmood invited the community for an impromptu painting workshop. Through small exercises with oils for textural practice, Asma guided the way and gave the participants a sense of fearless painting and what it can reveal. The workshop was an opportunity to further interact with Asma about her artistic practice.

It was a beautiful afternoon in the Study at the House on the Hill, sitting around a table with Asma, talking, playing with and delving into oil on canvas & paper.  

Artist statement: this short residency is an effort to read and paint in reference to each other .. My readings consist of Terry Eagleton's essays and Libral Imagination by Lionel Trilling..It is complemented by Steven Millhauser novel "Martin Dressler" I am swaying between ideas of complex human thoughts and deconstruction of those thoughts on paper.. Sometimes as mindless simplistic way of seeing and Painting an object or a view , and trying to work in unconscious shades as a part of flat plain .. Reading and then painting gives both efforts some talking points and I for one, am enjoying this conversation very much .. Asma Mahmood