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3RD-THURSDAY ed. 04 | Monthly Participatory Art Show

Thanks to all the support and participation of artists and community, the fourth edition of 3RD-THURSDAY was successfully held an enlightening and inspiring exchange in Arts Letters & Numbers. We express great gratitude to following presented artists along with visitors and supporters.

Ximena Borges is a New York/Venezuelan experimental musician, an extremely eclectic composer and performer. Armed with an array of digital and analogue technologies, uses her voice to blend the music of disparate times and places, creating alluring sonic collages and migrating confidently between avant-garde opera and electronic pop.

Hyunbae Chang was born in West Lafayette, Indiana, and moved to South Korea at the age of 4. He spent the youth in Seoul and moved back to the US in his sophomore year at high school in Marietta, Georgia. One year after entering Rhode Island School of Design, he served 21 months at the Army of South Korea as a field artillery unit. After he received the B.Arch at RISD, he participated in two summer workshops at Arts Letters and Numbers and decided to stay at the organization to support any construction related issues.

With a background in teaching English and Drama, Diane DeBlois researches, edits and writes about the stuff of ordinary life … and gathers people to animate their stories.

“I live in the Garden of Eden, and there is a lot of good work to do.” The structures built (spiral staircase, shack-in-the-back, skywalk, tree house, temple-to-available-materials) reflect Robert Dalton Harris’s imaginative blending of taxonomy and deep thinking – as do his extensive historical collections.

Frida Foberg’s artistic work evolve around the awareness of how we do what we do, while we are doing it. The context of her work is the daily life, the situations, rooted in culture and personality traits, we might not contemplate upon. Her larger body of work Why Are We Eating Together, is a research on the intersection of these patterns.

Natasha Holmes is a visual artist and educator specializing in photography, ceramics, and design. Currently living and teaching in Upstate New York and loving the northeast cold, she is a westcoaster born and raised in southern California. She undertook a year of post-bac in ceramics, and then received her MFA in Photography from Indiana University. Prior to that, studied for her BFA in both Ceramics and Creative Photography at California State University, Fullerton while also chasing Plan C there, gathering a minor in Anthropology. A craftsperson at heart, she worked in commercial print shops, custom darkrooms, and photojournalism.

Anna Wilson is a recent graduate of the National Art School in Sydney, Australia. Her art making practice consists of making large scale dirt monochrome paintings to explore the roots of artmaking in conjunction with contemporary artmaking. She is interested in existential thinking, more specifically epistemological nihilism and the human experience of these concepts.

organized and documented by Jennifer Park.