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Concert | Cecilia Ferneborg & Dave Shepherd

On June 1st, we had a concert and dance of jazz/soul/folk music by two Philadelphia-based artists Cecilia Ferneborg and Dave Shepherd at the Barn in Arts Letters & Numbers. From the side porch of the House, the fire and the barn were filled up with lights, sound, and energy.

CECILIA FERNEBORG is a singer and songwriter from the rural town of Vansbro, Sweden. A remarkable vocalist with a creative passion, Ms. Ferneborg seamlessly blends jazz, pop, and folk into compositions of “lyrical velvet” (AXS). Her electric stage presence and deep musicality has captured audiences at festivals, clubs, and concert halls across the Northeastern and Southern United States. Recently, she has played Center City Jazz Fest, the Swedish Embassy in Washington DC, Philadelphia Folk Festival, and Bethlehem MusikFest.
Instagram: @ceciliaferneborg

DAVE SHEPHERD is a country and bluegrass musician from Philadelphia PA, who writes original music that just roughly falls in those categories. In the last 5 years he's done more than 250 dates in over 30 states as a sideman for some really great bands - bluegrass, country, rock, indie, jazz, metal, you name it. Dave's original music is informed equally by many far flung musical influences, spanning from 90’s-2000’s punk and indie, to 60’s country and bluegrass classics, classic rock to instrumental jazz music - and he draws from a long cover list consisting of hits and deep cuts from well-known and obscure bluegrass, country, classic rock, soul, and indie artists. Currently has two demos on, an EP by Philly Bluegrass band Midnight Flyer, and is in the demo/preproduction phase of new recordings.
@odaveshepherd on instagram

Photos by Frida Foberg