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3RD-THURSDAY ed. 05 | Monthly Participatory Art Show

Thanks to all the support and participation of artists and community, the fifth edition of 3RD-THURSDAY was successfully held an enlightening and inspiring exchange in Arts Letters & Numbers. We express great gratitude to following presented artists along with visitors and supporters.

Hyunbae Chang was born in West Lafayette, Indiana, and moved to South Korea at the age of 4. He spent the youth in Seoul and moved back to the US in his sophomore year at high school in Marietta, Georgia. One year after entering Rhode Island School of Design, he served 21 months at the Army of South Korea as a field artillery unit. After he received the B.Arch at RISD, he participated in two summer workshops at Arts Letters and Numbers and decided to stay at the organization to support any construction related issues.

Chadchom Cheskhun was born in 1993, Bangkok, Thailand. Currently, living in Washington state, USA. At the age 15, he became interested in photograph, particularly in landscape photography where  his father gave him his first camera, “Nikon FM2,” to Chadchom and he has been working on photography ever since then. Graduated in 2014 with Bachelor of Fine Arts from Rungsit university, Thailand.His Prominent  works such as “Scape of mind” and “Road trip and landscapes” had been exhibited in many galleries throughout Thailand. His work experiences also extend beyond photography where he was an art director at "Smallroom Bangkok Pop Music Label." One of the top three music companies in Thailand.

Kay Eastwood’s Book Aesthete is an anthology of The Master Poets: Yeats, Baudelaire and Lorca and her paintings. The art forms a bond between the process of dreaming and thought, freedom and place creating a restless reality in the search for present perfect. Her latest work follows the motto: less is more. Japanese Zen Art is a huge influence: “You are the maker of the perfect world” is being exhibited: August 2019 : Swiss Art Basel Expo ARTBOX Zurich.
During her art residency at Arts Letters & Numbers, she hopes to make progress, as her paintings are more in response to yoga; the stillness in meditation shines on the infinite within each of us. Artists attempt to clear the debris from the eyes of the spirit so that we may see the infinite in the ordinary. Her art may be extra ordinary but mystic Sadhguru says that, that is good as out of Nothingness comes light !

Kyle Giacomo is an artist based in Oakland, California working in both paint and photography. He grew up in desert landscapes with wide blue skies and this is represented everywhere in his paintings. The sky-colored blue, pink and orange hues of the desert infuse his work with an expressive freedom. Kyle's indeterminist paintings are strolls in cartoony, sometimes visually intense, landscapes. The colors vibrate and shapes are delimited by clear or hesitant lines that seem to represent something familiar. We sometimes think we see a cloud, a fragment of skull, a bomb or a donkey. The forms are like nesting boxes, lyrical stories within stories, being constructed yet not fully formed.  Kyle’s photographic work has featured conceptual projects such as a (re)staging of Duchamp’s “Unhappy Readymade” in an oak tree, The Chair, a series of photos with an inanimate character, and a collaborative project based on Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse. He is also interested in wilderness, both as subject and artistic practice. Kyle holds an MA in English and has worked in youth education for over 10 years. 

Natasha Holmes is a visual artist and educator specializing in photography, ceramics, and design. Currently living and teaching in Upstate New York and loving the northeast cold, she is a westcoaster born and raised in southern California. She undertook a year of post-bac in ceramics, and then received her MFA in Photography from Indiana University. Prior to that, studied for her BFA in both Ceramics and Creative Photography at California State University, Fullerton while also chasing Plan C there, gathering a minor in Anthropology. A craftsperson at heart, she worked in commercial print shops, custom darkrooms, and photojournalism.

James Whiting is an emerging photographic artist from Melbourne, Australia. Working commercially as well as on the editorial team at Good Sport Magazine, his personal practice is largely concerned the dynamics of intimacy, familiarity and locating an attendance to the banal. His work has been shown internationally in locations such as Pyongyang and San Francisco, as well as locally in his home town and in various print projects. Growing up he wanted to be Sherlock Holmes, but now realizes that that is slightly unrealistic.