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3RD-THURSDAY ed. 06 | Monthly Participatory Art Show

Thanks to all the support and participation of artists and community, the sixth edition of 3RD-THURSDAY was successfully held an enlightening and inspiring exchange in Arts Letters & Numbers. We express great gratitude to following presented artists along with visitors and supporters.

Frida Braide is an artist who mainly works with photography. In a search for new methods to ‘read the city’, Braide makes works that can be seen as self-portraits. Sometimes they appear idiosyncratic and quirky, at other times, they seem typical by-products and marketing. Her photos appear as dreamlike images in which fiction and reality meet, well-known tropes merge, meanings shift, past and present fuse. Time and memory always play a key role. By parodying mass media by exaggerating certain formal aspects inherent to our contemporary society, she investigates the dynamics of landscape, including the manipulation of its effects and the limits of spectacle based on our assumptions of what landscape means to us. Rather than presenting a factual reality, an illusion is fabricated to conjure the realms of our imagination. She is currently studying a bachelor in fine art photography at the university of Gothenburg, Sweden. 

Hyunbae Chang was born in West Lafayette, Indiana, and moved to South Korea at the age of 4. He spent the youth in Seoul and moved back to the US in his sophomore year at high school in Marietta, Georgia. One year after entering Rhode Island School of Design, he served 21 months at the Army of South Korea as a field artillery unit. After he received the B.Arch at RISD, he participated in two summer workshops at Arts Letters and Numbers and decided to stay at the organization to support any construction related issues.

Isabella Chydenius (b.1988, Finland) is a painter and installation artist. With experience in sculptural practices such as metal welding, ceramics and womens- and menswear design, she likes combining multiple disciplines and experimenting with new mediums. Her work expresses her curiosity and concern for the future of the human kind and the environment which you can see in her bored, melancholic expressions on her distorted, surrealistic figures. She is influenced by our position and ideal as social creatures in the current society. Her focus of creation is the human body as well as the thought of a meta-universal existence.

Liao Dean was born in Neijiang, a prefecture level city in China’s Sichuan Province. After immigrating to the US, he spent the majority of his childhood and adolescence in the Mid-Atlantic where he gained his foundation in formal artistic training under former MICA Professor Karl Connolly. Upon graduating with a degree in Economics from the University of Chicago, he traveled to Paris where his attention returned to visual art. Following a period of working in marketing firms in New York and London, he abandoned corporate life to focus on his artistic practice and moved to Los Angeles where he studied under several leading contemporary realists such as Zin Lim, Emilio Villalba, and Casey Baugh. His current sculptural work explores and examines the contemporary relationship between data and epistemology and seeks to reconcile the overwhelming experience of navigating an increasingly cluttered landscape of pablum and information. His current paintings and mixed media works incorporate elements of traditional Chinese Landscapes and Abstract Expressionism in an effort to examine his personal history and liminal immigrant experience. Outside of the art world, he draws inspiration from numerous fields and disciplines including abstract mathematics, musical performance and composition, contemporary poetry and literature, movement and athletics, and gastronomy. His work has been featured in numerous journals, publications, and group exhibitions and he is a frequent collaborator with the NOH / WAVE artist collective in Los Angeles, California where he currently works and resides.

Frida received her bachelor of arts in architecture from KTH Royal Institute of Technology, followed by her master of arts in architecture from Aarhus School of Architecture in 2013. In 2012 she started her own freelance based practice and has executed several collaborative exhibitions and installations, all with her interest in the interaction between people-art-space-stories. In 2014 she was, in collaboration with Mie Dinesen, granted by the Cultural Affairs Agency of Oslo for their workshop based installations “Rom i Byen for Byen”. After working for the artist Vito Acconci, and the architect firm VAMOS Architects in NYC, Frida became a Resident Fellow at Arts Letters & Numbers Headquarters in Averill Park, NY in 2015. During her time as a Resident Fellow she has worked closely with the entire ALN community on many elements that contribute to the life of the project and have strengthened the core mission. Frida has recently taken on the role as Associate Director of Arts Letters & Numbers. Frida's artistic work evolve around the awareness of how we do what we do, while we are doing it. The context of her work is the daily life, the situations, rooted in culture and personality traits, we might not contemplate upon. Her larger body of work Why Are We Eating Together, is a research on the intersection of these patterns.

Hana Falconer

Kyle Giacomo is an artist based in Oakland, California working in both paint and photography. He grew up in desert landscapes with wide blue skies and this is represented everywhere in his paintings. The sky-colored blue, pink and orange hues of the desert infuse his work with an expressive freedom. Kyle's indeterminist paintings are strolls in cartoony, sometimes visually intense, landscapes. The colors vibrate and shapes are delimited by clear or hesitant lines that seem to represent something familiar. We sometimes think we see a cloud, a fragment of skull, a bomb or a donkey. The forms are like nesting boxes, lyrical stories within stories, being constructed yet not fully formed.  Kyle’s photographic work has featured conceptual projects such as a (re)staging of Duchamp’s “Unhappy Readymade” in an oak tree, The Chair, a series of photos with an inanimate character, and a collaborative project based on Roland Barthes’ A Lover’s Discourse. He is also interested in wilderness, both as subject and artistic practice. Kyle holds an MA in English and has worked in youth education for over 10 years. 

Colleen Keough is a Trans-Disciplinary Hybrid Media artist working in lens and time-based media, performance, installation, sound/music, creative writing, and digital art. Her integrated media works explore feminist new media themes through the intersection of pop culture, identity, myth and technology. Her works have been included in national and international exhibitions and festivals including the Athens Video Art Festival, Athens, Greece / Galway International Arts Festival Galway Ireland / Prague Quadrennial of Performance Design and Space Prague, Czech Republic / Athens International Film and Video Festival, Athens, OH / Institute for Humanities Research, Arizona State University Tempe, AZ / Yan Gerber International Arts Festival Weichang County, China / Everson Museum of Art, Syracuse, NY / Loop Video Art Festival, Barcelona, Spain / Museum of Fine Arts, Boston, MA / Kennedy Museum of Art Athens, OH, Museum of Contemporary Art Bogota, Columbia, and the E-Poetry Festival London / Kingston Upon the Thames, UK. She completed undergraduate studies at the School of the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston, MA, & DePaul University in Chicago, IL, and earned an MFA in Electronic Integrated Arts from NYSCC Alfred University in New York. Keough is a full-time Lecturer in the Department of Art at UMASS Amherst in Massachusetts.

A playful artist from an early age, Marie Claire began to create work with a theatrical flair when she discovered puppetry while studying at the Maryland Institute College of Art (MICA). She then immersed herself in storytelling and visual performance and has created six original puppet shows to date. Having worked with artists ranging from Naomi Fisher to Lyon Hill, Marie Claire has had the opportunity to learn about concept, process, and perseverance from many notable creators. She graduated Summa Cum Laude from MICA in 2017 with a BFA in Fibers, and she now resides and works in Los Angeles, where she is a member of the Los Angeles Guild of Puppetry.

Robin McLauglin

Natalie is a painter and poet who creates paintings through layers of paint of the human condition. Her art considers methodology, emotion, and craft. They are stylistic, impassioned, and rebellious to the face of contemporary art. Her focus especially centers towards visualizing the female experience, beginning with her own.

Joe Poon is a full time high school art educator and a conceptual artist. He works primarily in video and installation, but counts performance (as teacher) and social practice as contemporary forms of expression as well. He is concerned with deep metaphysical, philosophical, and esoteric topics, but knows that life can't be taken this seriously and that however you live your life at the present moment is all that matters. Much of his work is found within his interior soul, as he spends a lot of time thinking about works he would like to create and indulges in self-satisfaction with these ideas. Some works take form (and are built, painted, or filmed) and he decides to submit them to open calls or try to get them to be displayed or viewable by a public audience. He enjoys teaching art "by day", and his main teaching goals are to inspire students to just make art for their own sakes. "The only artist you need to be better than is the one you were yesterday" is the mantra in his classroom. Joe attempts to, and might fail at times, to construct an environment where the art-making is not comparative or competitive, but rather uplifting, collaborative, and experimental. In his pedagogical experiments, he has introduced elements/skills of compromise, and empathy as ideal forms of learning and the habit of self-assessment and reflection as vital to life's greatest pursuits.

Christina Rosati

Julia Rosen

Josephine received her bachelor in architecture at the Royal Danish Academy of Fine Arts in 2017. Throughout her education she has served on various committees and boards to advocate for students’ interests and to better understand the structure of educational institutions.  During her degree she also did a internship in 2016 at Rural Urban Framework (RUF), a non-profit design research lab based at Hong Kong University, where she will return as a research assistant in 2018. Before entering the field of Architecture Josephine co-founded the organisation ‘One World Musical’ in 2013.  Creating musicals with children in rural communities in developing countries in Africa and South East Asia, the organisation strived to demonstrate creativity as a universal human trait, the importance of the arts and it’s impact on children’s ability to learn. In 2015 Josephine initiated ‘Dreams of a School’, a project in collaboration with students of Education from Aarhus University, to encourage reflection on the connection between the physical space and the learning processes within. Through one-day workshops elementary school kids dreamt of their school in drawings and models as a space for learning, imagination, creation and inspiration.

Rachel Van Wylen graduated from Gordon College with a B.A. in Art and English in 2007.  While at Gordon, she participated in a study abroad program in Orvieto, Italy.  After graduating, she went to The New York Academy of Art, where received an M.F.A. in Painting in 2009.  While in New York City, she also studied at the New York Art Students League.  In the years since then, she has taught at a number of schools and arts organizations, including Boston Trinity Academy, the Menino Art Center, and Spring Arbor University.  She is currently the Art Department Chair at The White Mountain School, in Bethlehem, New Hampshire, where she resides. In 2015, she was the winner of the Loeschner Competition at the Frederik Meijer Gardens and Sculpture Park, one of the most significant sculpture collections in the Midwest.  Her winning piece is now part of the museum’s permanent collection.  Rachel has also shown her work throughout the Midwest, the Northeast, and Italy.  A partial list of venues where she has shown her work includes Manifest Gallery in Cincinnati, OH; The Elizabeth V. Sullivan Gallery at the Vytlacil Campus of the New York Art Students League in Sparkill, NY; The Muskegon Museum of Art in Muskegon; MI, the Ella Sharp Museum in Jackson, MI; the Art Gallery Le Logge in Assisi, Italy; the Scarab Club in Detroit, MI; and the Mystic Museum of Art in Mystic, CT.

*organized, documented by Jennifer Park