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3RD-THURSDAY ed. 09 | Monthly Participatory Art Show

Thanks to all the support and participation of artists and community, the 9th edition of 3RD-THURSDAY was successfully held an enlightening and inspiring exchange at Arts Letters & Numbers. We express great gratitude to the following presented artists along with visitors and supporters.

Anna Baldi_Anna Baldi is an artist based in Seattle, Washington. She received her BFA from Carnegie Mellon University in 2018, with a focus on painting and sculpture. Her artistic practice explores human-animal relationships, reproductive labor, and how these topics fit into a world of rapidly evolving technology.

Hyunbae Chang_Prior to joining ALN, Hyunbae has been drawing a story of a refugee at the border between South and North Korea. Regarding architecture as a social apparatus, he is examining and imagining a story of the doubt and empathy in culture by drafting the architectural plans and sections, and sometimes projections.

Matt Crane_I am an artist living and working in Columbia County after over two decades in Bklyn. I am stretching my wings again and working in the medium of cast iron and aluminum by choice. I am in search of community and ANL is just around the way from my home studio.

Chelsea Farquhar_Chelsea Farquhar is an Australian multidisciplinary artist working across drawing, sculpture, video, and performance. Chelsea is halfway through her 5-week residency at ALN.

Britta Grassman_Lives and works in Stockholm, Sweden. Born in Köln, Germany in 1967. Art education 2001-2006 I Stockholm. Exhibit in Sweden on a regular basis since 2005. Art residency Prior to that I have a BA in social work and do consulting and work with foster care.

Sophia Krupsha_Sophia Krupsha was born in Kingston, Pennsylvania in 1998. She is studying for her BFA in Drawing & Painting and a Minor in Art History from The Pennsylvania State University and is expected to graduate in 2021. Sophia currently lives and works in Wilkes-Barre, Pennsylvania.

Hannah Margolis_In many ways, Hannah is still four years old laying on her belly at her Mimi and Poppy’s house, adrift in a Persian rug sea, carried on a printer paper raft, supplies in a constant state of dwindling. It is that which can be created out of nothing that allows her to persevere. And it is the joy in creating it that allows her spirit to remain lifted. Art is an anchor thrown over the hull of the mind. Art is meditative like the thumping of a human heart in a quiet room.

Carolina Muñoz_Carolina is a Chilean artist with a growing interest in the physical possibilities of materials and the uncertainty of their behavior in time and space. With a background in architecture and sciences, there is underlying objectivity that is challenged within her works. Searching for a transformation not only in physical terms but as well as conceptual. She graduated from her bachelor's and masters in architecture at the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile in 2018. Since 2016, Carolina has been working as an architect for a couple of firms in Santiago and also assisting in building and writing courses at her university. Before coming to Arts Letters & Numbers, she worked for her thesis professor as a researcher for modern architecture in the north of Chile, with special interest in the adaptive reuse of heritage and raising awareness about the existence of collective memory.

Alan Opresko_Retired from the New York State Division of the Budget

Jennifer Park_Jennifer Park is an artist engaging in architecture and humanity. With a dual background, US and Republic of Korea, JP has pursued the ways to support people’s lives through drawing, writing, and making. Beyond the boundary of conventional architecture, JP's works open up from trivial observations in everyday life, branching out in various mediums; drawing, painting, poetry, precise, photography, installation, and architecture.

Stacy Scibelli_Stacy Scibelli is an artist, educator, and designer from New York. As an original founding member of The Shirey in Brooklyn and All Is Leaf (, a roaming art and ecology residency program, Stacy has cultivated a passion for collective art spaces and the connections made through sharing the sacred space of intentional making and meaningful work.

Jose Subiabre_27 year old Chilean architect. Exploring art and expression through painting, music, and writing.

*organized by Jennifer Park

*photo taken by Hyunbae Chang, Frida Foberg, edited by Jennifer Park