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YuGao & Carley Zarzeka | Exhibition | Artist in Residency

Video/installation artist YuGao and sculpture/installation artist Carley Zarzeka shared their art works in Arts Letters & Numbers. YuGao created site-specific video and sound installation through her observations during her stay in Averill Park. Working with industrial products found very common, Carley exhibited playful and interesting combinations of those with the contrast of her handicraft.


Travel without Traces - Sharing Meeting

People always want to leave some traces for the world, afraid that they have only been there, and have no impact on the world. And my experience tells me that traveling uninterruptedly without leaving any trace is a higher realm. If you leave no trace of yourself, it does not mean that others will surely forget you.

YuGao majored in sculpture and graduated from the central academy of fine arts, master degree. Now she lives in Beijing and works as teacher in Beijing Institute of Fashion Technology. She works for various kinds of art creations and explorations for many years.

Carley Zarzeka

Carley Zarzeka is a sculpture and installation artist who builds assemblages from found objects and construction materials. She received her Bachelor’s of Arts in Studio Art from Dickinson College and her MFA from The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill. Zarzeka has exhibited her work at The Guest Room, The Cleve Carney Gallery, Anchorlight, The Ackland Museum, and The Trout Gallery. Zarzeka currently lives and works in Doylestown, PA. Critical to evoking a sense of “home,” Zarzeka prefers to utilize common domestic materials in her artwork such as wool, concrete, wood, and cotton, in addition to selectively integrating collected objects that are both found and personal. Layered throughout Zarzeka’s constant relation to the domestic space is the present of the grid and how this axillary structure has imprinted its features on household objects and structures.