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3RD-THURSDAY ed. 02 | Monthly Participatory Art Show

Thanks to all the support and participation of artists and community, the second edition of Third-Thursday successfully held an enlightening and inspiring exchange in Arts Letters & Numbers. We express great gratitude to following presented artists along with visitors and supporters.

Hyunbae Chang was born in West Lafayette, Indiana, but moved to South Korea at the age of 4. He spent the youth in Seoul and moved back to the US in his sophomore year at high school in Marietta, Georgia. One year after entering Rhode Island School of Design, he served 21 months at the Army of South Korea as a field artillery unit. After he received the B.Arch at RISD, he participated in two summer workshops at Arts Letters and Numbers and decided to stay at the organization to support any construction related issues. Prior to joining ALN, Hyunbae has been drawing a story of a refugee at the border between South and North Korea. Regarding architecture as a social apparatus, he is examining and imagining a story of the doubt and empathy in a culture by drafting the architectural plans and sections, and sometimes projections. 

Reenie Is originally from Lexington, Massachusetts. She received her BA in Communications from Simmons College in Boston, Massachusetts, and her MFA in Studio Arts from Maine College of Art in Portland, Maine She has received two Foundation for Contemporary Arts Grants, and a Roderick Dew Travel Grant. She has been awarded Artist Residencies by Draw-International in France, Hannacc Can Bourni in Spain, Maine College of Art, the La Napoule Art Foundation in France, SF MOMA, Arts Benicia and Vermont Studio. Her work has been exhibited in venues internationally including Galeria Espai B, in Barcelona, 2017, and the Bojagi Forum in Seoul, Korea, 2016, and at the Chateau de la Napoule, Mandelieu-La Napoule, France, 2014 as well as all over the United States. Her work has been commissioned by San Francisco Arts Commission Gallery in 2011, as well as by the Marin Sanitary Service in 2014, and by the Peoria Playhouse Children’s Museum in 2018.

Cara Farnan is a Visual Artist based in Dublin. She is drawn to the space between what we know about the world, and what we sense about it. In this in-between, binaries collapse and definitive edges are lost. Our physical experience becomes irreversibly intertwined with our imaginary experience. Her work stems from a fascination for the inherent magic and quiet monumentality of stuff – observing, and reflecting on the strange quirks of and interactions between often familiar things.Cara works in a variety of forms including sculptural and site-specific installation, sound, text, video, drawing and printmaking. Since graduating with a BA(Hons) in Fine Print from the National College of Art and Design, Dublin in 2016, Cara has completed residencies in the RHA School, Dublin; Haihatus, Finland and Cow House Studios, Wexford. In 2018, Cara curated a one-day exhibition, Gathering on Dollymount Strand and produced Emma Brennan’s performance Heed, to the Mound at Dublin Fringe Festival. She is an active member of artist-led studio Ormond Art Studios and of Black Church Print Studio. Cara works as a STEAM educator alongside her practice, introducing children to the wonders of science, design and technology. Her work has been exhibited throughout Ireland and internationally. 

Pianist Eunbi Kim (pronounced OOn-bee, like book) is creating new ways of experiencing concert music as a performer, speaker, and arts advocate. Her adventurous performances are characterized by their vividly personal themes ranging from mental illness to familial memories. For her efforts, Kim has received international recognition on television and in print, including from the BBC, I Care If You Listen, the Houston Chronicle, The Japan Times, and NHK Television. Kim is most known as the creator, performer, and producer of the music-theater work Murakami Music, for which she is recognized as a leading Murakami expert. Her debut album, A House of Many Rooms released on Albany Records, features a collection of premiere recordings of relatively unknown contemporary classical works by luminary jazz composer Fred Hersch. Kim has shown off her unconventional and immersive performance concepts in venues across the country. Notably, she has performed Emmy-nominated composer Daniel Bernard Roumain’s dedicated work “It Feels Like a Mountain, Chasing Me,” over 50 times across the United States, including its premiere at The Kennedy Center. Off-stage, Kim’s entrepreneurial efforts include launching a music mentorship program for women, transgender, and nonbinary musicians, bespoken, alongside co-founder Gina Izzo in addition to speaking engagements at organizations, universities, and institutions across the country. Her 2017 TEDx talk, “Performing Through Fear,” discusses conquering performance anxiety through learning to trust. Originally from Maryland, Eunbi Kim is based in New York City. She holds a Master of Music degree from the Manhattan School of Music.

Daniel J. Kuperberg

Clare Lyons is a photographer and visual artist based in Dublin, Ireland. Her work is typically deeply private and explores themes of trauma, memory, and her personal struggle with mental illness. Clare's current practice examines the process of uncovering and recalling repressed and suppressed memories using paper-folding and other sculptural methods of working with photographs. Clare is currently Assistant Editor at Junior Magazine which is an annual journal showcasing young Irish photographic talent, and since 2018 has worked with the PhotoIreland Foundation as a volunteer at The Library Project in Dublin. 

Efrat Arielle Peleg is an Israeli artist who moved to the US as a young adult. Efrat sees art as a universal language, a powerful tool to communicate and share the stories that all people, anywhere, carry within. While in Jerusalem, Efrat pursued working on her personal artwork is local studios. She expresses her own stories and learnings through paintings, printmaking and imaginative illustrations. 

Julie Timm Vejleaa attended architecture school at The Royal Danish Academy og Fine Arts during 2014-2017 and received her diploma in 2017. She attented the cultural institute at The Royal Danish Academy and has been on several study trips around the world to explore and study vernicular architecture and the cultural impact on the way we build and inhabit. With the institute she has also participated in a exhibition in Shanghai in collaboration with the architecture school in Hong Kong. Julie did her last semester of her bachelor at The Academy of Fine Arts in Vienna in 2017. In Vienna she studied various fields beside architecture such as print-making, abstract painting, urban installations and curatorial studies. Before architecture school, Julie attended Krabbesholm residential school in 2014 where she studied art, architecture and design. In 2016, she did an independent project with students she met at this school challenging spatial structures, objects and phenomenons. The project became an exhibition named 12 squaremeters. As Julie is interested in learning different crafts, she also spend one year after she received her bachelor degree in a bakery and was trained to become a baker and to learn the crafts and skills that is needed when working with sourdough. Before continuing her studies with a master degree, Julie has an atelier in which she is rounding out her education with independent projects focusing on small-scale and more free-form artistic experiments.

The show was curated by Jennifer Park.