Exhibition, Artist in Residence

Fast Fashion Fiasco | Artist in Residence Exhibition

On Friday April 27th, designer and artist, in residence, Joyce Watkins King opened up her studio, showing works in progress of her touring exhibition Fast Fashion Fiasco. We truly wished her work around fabric - clothing - fashion, could have been created inside our old cotton mill. Joyce gracefully made the best of the situation, and in the House on the Hill (previously the cotton mill owners house) arranged her fabric and design studio (think lots and lots of denim), in which she worked on during her 4 weeks residency.

In Joyces work she strives to re-use thread, fabric and findings whenever possible, in opposition to the escalating trend of cheap fast fashion creation and consumption, with little regard for its consequences for growers, laborers, and our environment.

By the end of her stay she probably had the best knowledge of where to source used fabrics in the area, and she has been very supported by the community, engaging in her works.