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Galapagos Now: Performance

In just five weeks we have had Actors, Architects, Mimes, Neurologists, Filmmakers, Opera Singers, Composers, Welders, a Physicist, Master Craftsmen, Painters, Writers, Performance Artists, Chefs, Dancers, a Magician, a Surgeon, and a Poet join us at the Mill. Together we asked, ‘What happened down there in the Galapagos?’, and co-constructed a performative gesture of great emotive depth. This workshop tangibly enacted our hopes for education and for Arts Letters & Numbers: to create circumstances for and bring into proximity and interaction a giant diversity of ‘ways of knowing’; catalyze a microclimate of diverse forms of agency and create a living system of knowledge-transformation. Galapagos Now: is the first step toward “a Galapagos Project”--a global project that aims to promote collaboration, foster creative alliance, and advocate for greater empathy, compassion, and ethics in developing new spaces of education and forms of knowledge. 

Line Moesgaard . Martin Lysholm Hjerl . Elsa Mencagli . Malin Wahlström . Sarah Abarbanel . Bryan Wilson . Vaughn Lewis . Evan Brugess . Daejeong Kim . Francisco Perez . ZongYun We . Izak Ishraki . Merethe Bahn Trolle . Lorenzo Bertolotto . Kathryn Dallimore . Sabrina Sadique . Loren Howard . Che Perez . Rikke Jorgensen . Tine Bernstorff Aagaard . Troels Heierdal . Frida Foberg . Sarv Gersten . Rostam Gersten . David Gersten