A Third Thing

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a third thing | Residency Intensive

Arts Letters & Numbers first Residency Intensive was held between January 7th and January 21st. Lead by Che PerezFrida Foberg and Rikke Jørgensen.

For a duration of two weeks, in the midst of the January 2017, the House on the Hill was engulfed in an atmosphere of chaos and calm. Of creative endeavors and breathtaking honesty, as a group of people from all over the world gathered for the Residency Intensive – a third thing. The aim was to explore and create works situated between three distinct, yet kindred subjects - landscape, cuts and color. To search for the unknown between the known; for works that would emerge in the in-between, in the cracks and the spaces between one and the other. Between cuts and color, landscape and cuts, color and landscape. Between all of them, and none of them. Within one, next to the other. Becoming a third.   

 a third thing that is indefinite and undefined but is related to two definite or known things.  
 Def. Tertium Quid (Greek)

The two weeks became a time filled with work and words, pondering, wondering and wine, talks and thoughts, coffee and questions, field trips, laughter and stillness. Moonlit walks on frozen lakes, frozen paint in liquid landscapes, the elusive blue of indigo blending with the blue tones of a tropical carnival. An image of a singular raindrop caught on a singular leaf, letters lost in light and loss, pages lifted by wind, solidified by water. Secret pockets of gold protecting the heart of another, cities in the ceiling sending letters to each other, a meal shared in solitude and the drying of colors that will always be wet. Photographs so fragile they could hardly be touched, yet impossible to destroy. Time filled with the telling of stories too painful to tell, of cutting though skin, through souls, though paper, though time.

A time filled with time - a liquid liminal time - neither frozen, nor thawed.
A time out of which third things emerged and became a collection of Tertium Quids, a new body of work, situated between landscape, cuts and color.

Participating Artists: Anthony Anaya Hannah SmithIda LiedlJulia Rose SutherlandKristín RúnarsdottírMaria NegulescuNathalie AudinNebaPablo MartinezSuzanne Dittenber

Visiting Artist: Chris Rose, Robert Dalton Harris, Zubin Singh, David Gersten, Armand Biglari, Troels Heiredal and Christine Finn


A Third Thing

a third thing

Residency Intensive Jan 7th - Jan 21st, 2017


At Arts Letters & Numbers we are excited to introduce our first Residency Intensive - A two week interdisciplinary residency program directed at exploring and creating work situated between three distinct, yet kindred subjects -  landscape, cuts and color. A program where the creative agency of the individual is fueled and developed in a continuous conversation between the works and the voices of others. Where a small group of devoted people come together for a short period of time to develop their work and challenge their thinking, where intent and intensity are key components, along with joy, playfulness and curiosity, where the unknown is expected and doubt is celebrated, where the raw and the fragile blends with strong convictions and vigorous minds.  


Tertium Quid:       landscape    cuts    color
                             cuts    color    landscape
                             color    landscape    cuts

We will be searching for the unknown between the known; for works that emerge in the in-between, in the cracks and the spaces between one and the other. Between cuts and color, landscape and cuts, color and landscape. Between all of of them, and is none of them. Within one, next to the other. Becoming a third.   


 a third thing that is indefinite and undefined but is related to two definite or known things.  
 Def. Tertium Quid (Greek)

The focus of the program is to develop individual and collaborative works that emerge relationally within this undefined generative conceptual field. The program will consist of a series of sessions, conversations and observations, led by the Arts, Letters & Numbers program developers and invited visiting artists, who will introduce diverse understandings of the subjects and assist in opening up for ways of looking at and thinking with and within the in-between of color, cuts and landscape. In addition the program will also include communal dinners, listening critiques, field trips and open mics, and as a culmination of the two intense weeks the program will conclude with a public celebration of the new body of work, a collection of Tertium Quids, situated between landscape, cuts and color.


The Arts Letters & Numbers facilities includes a variety of spaces open for intervention. Most of them are in a constant state of change, adapting to and being transformed by the changing needs of the programs and people inhabiting them.

The residency is housed in a 9 bedroom mansion– original the cotton mill owner’s house from 1859– better known as The House on the Hill. Here we offer both shared (3-5 beds) and individual sleeping arrangements. In the house there is a music room, that currently holds a Baldwin grand piano as well as a Kawai upright piano that residents are invited to use. The kitchen is communal and used by all who reside in the house. During the Residency Intensive, although each participating artist is responsible for their meals individually, planning collective meals is always fulfilling.  As part of the program and included in our fee, we will provide the welcome dinner, the midway dinner and the final dinner.

Our primary workspaces consist of The Barn and The Mill, which includes studio spaces and a wood and metal workshop. We have a great selection of small and large equipment available, alongside a treasure trove of old tools and different materials for you to explore. Most materials found in the mill can be utilized in conversation with program facilitators, but participants are responsible for all other material costs for individual work. There will be scheduled trips to the local art supply store for any materials that cannot be found onsite.

We also have extensive outdoor spaces available that can be utilised in countless ways and we welcome you to think of these spaces as sites you can work with and within. The grounds contain a great variety of spatial qualities, terrain, surfaces and vegetation: from our open fields and steep slopes, to a tree covered path and newly planted apple orchard.

We strive to cultivate a space that encourages collaborative and individual creation: to think, make and act alongside others within a community. With our Artist in Residence Program, artists from a wide range of disciplines are able to come together, ask and engage their questions, create and share their work. We believe that when people are free to act, interact with and support one another, new works and ideas emerge.

Everyone participating in our programs are expected to treat our facilities with care and consideration as well as be mindful of each other’s spaces. We find that the collective effort of many people living and working together to be quite an extraordinarily rewarding experience. Whether it is in a living or working situation, everyone is responsible for cleaning up after themselves, and lending a helping hand when possible. Our organization is based upon the value and reward derived from the articulation of shared creative and intellectual spaces.

Program Developers
A Third Thing is being developed and facilitated by Architects Frida Foberg (Sweden), Ché Peréz (Trinidad & Tobago), Rikke Jorgensen (Denmark) and Photographic Artist Zelé Angelides (South Africa)

January 7th - January 21st, 2017
Application deadline: December 10th, 2016

Program Fee
$640 / Shared accommodation
$840 / Private accommodation

The fee includes:
2 weeks of program, accommodation, pick up/drop from train/bus station/airport in Albany, scheduled trips to the art supply store, access to wood and metal workshop, shared studio space and three dinners (welcome, midway and final)

The fee does not include:
All other meals than mentioned above, or drinks at any of the meal mentioned above. Entrance fees at field trip locations. Material costs.

If you have any questions regarding our residency intensive a third thing, please send us an email