Marie Claire Macadar

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Marie Claire Macadar | Artist in Residence Show

On June 28th, we had a beautiful artist in residence show by Marie Claire Macadar after a festive summer communal dinner. The show started with a video presentation of Marie Claire’s completed puppet shows, including “Hangers! The Musical”, which was nominated for the 2015 National Puppet Slam. Marie Claire Macadar then gave an in-progress presentation of her newest puppet show, “Escape from Grandma’s Purse”, created during her residency at Arts Letters & Numbers. The puppet show centers around a toothbrush that finds itself very, very lost inside of a grandmother’s purse, and the characters it meets along the way, including a sock, a lipstick, and.... a treacherous receipt monster. The sharing was such a playful and creative experience of contemporary puppetry, which naturally evoke dynamic exchange of thoughts and questions after her presentation.

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3RD-THURSDAY ed. 06 | Monthly Participatory Art Show

We express gratitude to the following artists who presented along with visitors and supporters; 

Frida Braide, Hyunbae ChangIsabella Chydenius, Liao Dean, Frida Foberg, Hana Falconer, Kyle Giacomo, Colleen Keough, Marie Claire Macadar, Robin McLauglin, Natalie Jauregui Ortiz, Joe Poon, Christina Rosati, Julia Rosen, Josephine Nørtoft Saabye, Rachel Van Wylen