Nick Meehan


Digital Living Hybrids Lab | Session by Keren Christina Mendjul & Nick Meehan

Arts Letters & Numbers started the new year of 2019 with an immersive session, Digital Living Hybrids Lab, conducted by our fellows Keren Mendjul and Nick Meehan. The session is an invitation to co-construct a laboratory for scientific and artistic collaboration using the nearby island in Burden Lake as its testing ground to explore the boundary between human intuition and computational systems.

Collaborations, Workshops

Beijing Barn Bibliotheca | CAFA

This Fall we had the great honor of contributing to the ‘Future Unknown’ Chancellor’s Summit held at The Central Academy of Fine Arts (CAFA) in Beijing, China. The project grew from careful consideration of the mission and vision of CAFA and the principles driving the “Future Unknown” initiative to move art and innovation forward by building linkages to many educational and cultural locations around the globe.