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Works by Current Artists in Residence

5:00pm  Opening

7:30pm  Performance by Whitney Vangrin (see description below)


Exhibition and Performance Spaces

The Mill: Upstairs, The Shop, Loading Dock Studio, 

The House on the Hill: The Barn, The Living Room


Parking at 1543 Burden Lake Road, Averill Park, NY 12018


Light refreshments will be served. 

Suggested Donation $10 or beverage contribution


Artists in Residence

Bart Drost

Installation and interactive performances


Location: The Barn, The Living Room and the Shop





Dorothea Osborn is from Albany, NY, has exhibited nationally and locally and has received numerous awards. During her residency at Arts Letters and Numbers, Dorothea has been exploring through drawings, paintings and sculpture, scientific themes with microscopic organisms and structures, ecology, the Anthropocene and Spirituality.


Location: The Mill Upstairs





Drew Gillespie

He currently exhibits art and music as Connotation Chump. He also collaborated with an art  and music outfit for many years called Bobo, while simultaneously running an cyberdelic art gallery with the group called Bobo's on 9th. He works by day designing user interfaces: mapping, search, and messaging tools.







Exhibited artworks at the Mill:


Roady Shephardo's Ped Xing 2015

Arf a Roomba 2015

The Grand Rally of Outer Objects 2015





Elisabeth Czihak

ink drawings on found paper


An interest in the sculptural quality of things constitutes the basis of Elisabeth Czihak’s work. Drawing and photography initially occupied just a position at the edge of her artistic work as sculptor. Her strong interest in three-dimensionality led from sculpture more and more into drawing and photography. Architectural structures and the abstraction of objective forms are the points of departure and constants that she analyses in both media, in which she is concerned with space in general – its impression on her and vice versa her influence on it.


Elisabeth Czihak received a Master of Arts at the University of Arts in Linz/Austria and did postgraduate studies in sculpture at the Berlin University of the Arts. Since 2000 she is based in Vienna/Austria.


Location: The Mill Upstairs





Ulrike Johannsen is a german artist based in Vienna, Austria. In her work, she explores our collective construction of western society and culture and how we negotiate and communicate these different perceptions. She questions the promises of happiness and tempting offers of our consumer oriented lifestyle, processed in various media such as sculpture, installation, collage, drawing or video.


Location: The Mill Upstairs





Whitney Vangrin

Inflate Tube: Prelude to Pump Screen

7:30pm The Mill Kitchen


Whitney Vangrin is an artist based in Brooklyn, working across medium with an emphasis on performance.  Equal parts physical and psychological, her performances question perceptions of authenticity, while making allusions to film, religion, dance, and structures of the body.  


Vangrin will perform the short Inflate Tube, as a prelude to a larger work, Pump Screen, slated to premier in New York City on October 13th 2015. Inflate Tube will see Vangrin combining trance movement and sound with lip sync of pre-recorded sung and spoken vocals. Regimented movement inspired by the dance of the Shaker religion will dissolve into spasms of the body, designed to conjure up a series of varied emotion. Her performance will be repeated in space via a live feed projection.