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Vanishing Lines

Vanishing Lines, is a joint exhibition between Guatemalan/US artist and architect Aida

Miron, and Bosnian/Norwegian artist Adi Dukic. The artist’s diverging interpretations of

geographies meet at the cross roads of representations embedded in different

genealogies of mapping, image reproductions, fabrications and constructions. It is the

intersection between two diverse practices and theories that are politically and socially


These genealogies look into the make-shift, states of emergency, destruction, the

temporary, and the disappearing, examining topographies of war and ecology in an

attempt to situate the discourse of ecological and cultural decimations in the same

exhibition space, bringing together the impact of materialities through a vanishing

perspectival line and the plan of the golden spiral and questioning a history of single

points of view and governing systems of measure.

Adi Dukic’s The Spiral, is a barricade made of sandbags, a golden section proportioned

to the human body, a barrier that positions one on either side of an ambiguous line,

questioning dividing lines in war. It is a temporal wall that moves deeper into a labyrinth,

with no exit. Aida Miron’s Transamazonian Highway, presents a textile, of drawn and

stitched lines of deforestation patterns in the heart of the Amazon, confronting large

scale, regional schemes of deforestation and visualizing deforestation rates along a

vanishing line. It is part of a series of maps that accentuate different patterns of

deforestation in Latin America.