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Uncanny You Live from Tallinn

  • Arts Letters & Numbers 1525 Burden Lake Road Averill Park, NY, 12018 United States (map)

“Uncanny You” work-in-progress showing takes place at 12:30 on July 27. The event will be live-streamed to the from Kanuti Gildi SAAL in Tallinn and is part of the program for our summer workshop Constitution. The showing is followed by a discussion between us in the Mill and the audiences in Tallinn.

About the performance:
“Uncanny You” is audio-visual theatre performance by Ann Mirjam Vaikla and Lærke Grøntved. The project researches and focuses on “uncanny” spaces and situations.

The term “uncanny” was first mentioned by Sigmund Freud in his essay “Das Unheimliche” in 1919. The word “uncanny” refers to something that is strangely familiar, rather than simply mysterious; arousing superstitious fear or dread; uncomfortably strange”. “Uncanny You” works around this term in relation to our heated up political climax - it is a cross disciplinary performance using elements of concert, poetry, video, movement, visual and text based theatre. The text in the performance is partly written by the authors and partly re-constructed from found articles and recent news (New York Times, The Guardian). Parallel the project focuses on insect’s survival strategies and mimicry to mirror and communicate what is happening in the humans world (inspired by the essay “Mimicry and Legendary Psychasthenia” by Roger Caillois).

“Uncanny You” is an international theatre project. It is co-produced by Kanuti Gildi SAAL in Tallinn, Estonia where it will premiere on September 26th, 2017. Important supporters are residency center Arts Letters and Numbers in New York, USA and Teater Momentum in Odense, Denmark.

Ann Mirjam (EST) is a theatre and visual artist. She recently came back from New York where she did her year long internship at the Storefront for Art and Architecture gallery in Soho. For the last two summers she participated the Watermill Center International Summer program (Long Island, NY) led by a theatre director Robert Wilson. In 2015 she graduated her studies in scenography at the Norwegian Theatre Academy.

Lærke (DK) is a performer and composer, she has a BA in acting from Norwegian Theatre Academy. She is a part of the independent theatre group T.I.T.S and has been traveling with the performances “Forced Beauty” and “MINE”, and with Bianca Casady (Cocorosie) on her europe tour 2015. Last year in Tallinn she performed her solo concert “”Before the Storm”.

Authors and Directors: Ann Mirjam Vaikla and Lærke Grøntved
Performers: Lærke Grøntved and Per Magnus Barlaug
Scenographer: Ann Mirjam Vaikla
Costume Designer: Ditte Trudslev Jensen
Sound Designer: Kenn-Eerik Kannike
Light Designer: Revo Koplus
Videographer: Ingel Vaikla
Technical support: Henry Kasch
Co-Producer: Kanuti Gildi SAAL
Supported by: Cultural Endowment of Estonia, Arts Letters & Numbers, Theatre Momentum
Premiere: 26.09.2017 at Kanuti Gildi SAAL