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Imaginary Friend | Artists in Residence Show

  • Arts Letters & Numbers | The House on the Hill 1543 Burden Lake Road Averill Park, NY, 12018 United States (map)

The summer days are here, and so is an amazing group of artists. Whether they have been at Arts Letters & Numbers for months, or for just a few days, the urgency of sharing work with the community is very present. On Friday May 25th at 7pm, they are inviting you all to an evening of performances and visual arts. Working closely next to each other sometimes results in beautifully unexpected collaborations - some of these will be shared during this evening. 


Alter-Ego in Shadow by Michelle Wan Lok Chan & Jenny Zander

Performance and Body Art Installation

Among the shadows we shed our false skins, revealing our true selves. Through the movement and masking of body, this performance explores a piece of one’s real persona. In and out of light, alive with color.



Contact by Jenny ZanderDan Thorpe & Michelle Wan Lok Chan

Contact Improv and Body Art

Through the blending of body and color, this piece brings attention to the raw and fluid nature of human instinct. With each touch an imprint is left, these marks extend over and below the skin.



New Doc 2018-05-22_1(2).jpg

Augustine Cordero

"My work references late 80s/early 90s nostalgia. Specifically, themes from popular culture. Questioing masculinity and personal security from a mixed boy's prespective of this time. My process is primarily intuitive. Working from memory only to arrive at a point that I feel is balanced."


Screen Shot 2018-05-23 at 5.40.45 PM.png

Betsey Gravatt

"I use an alphabet of bright colors and shapes to create objects that are reminiscent of 90's toys and cartoons. I arrange my pieces and their components until I have created a piece that reminds me of happy memories from my childhood."