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Workshop | Oppenheimer's Table

Oppenheimer’s Table: A Workshop in the Shadow of Oppenheimer, Situated between the uncertainty principle and intelligence

Arts Letters & Numbers                                               March 1-8, 2015



In the immediate aftermath of Hiroshima and Nagasaki the United States Government set in place a legal and committee framework that formed the foundation of the cold war. In 1947, the early joint meetings of this highly secretive committee anchored an evolution of knowledge and power that became the cold war and continues to influence every aspect of our lives today.


Arts Letters & Numbers is pleased to announce a one-week intensive workshop entitled Oppenheimer’s Table, led by Director David Gersten and Visiting Artist Robert Dalton Harris and co-taught with Arts Letters & Numbers Fellows.


The immersive workshop seeks to ask questions of this moment in history by directly engaging and inhabiting the space of original doodles collected from the Joint meetings of the AEC, GAC, MLC chaired by Robert Oppenheimer. We will dig into these artifacts as source root and excavate the multi dimensional / durational questions passing through them. The hope is that through a shared framework of conversations, questions and actions we will create new linkages, new questions and new works.

Earlier Event: February 27
Film Screening
Later Event: March 7
Performance | Oppenheimer's Table