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3RD-THURSDAY 10 | October Edition | Registration

  • Arts Letters & Numbers 1548 Burden Lake Road Averill Park, NY 12018 USA (map)

We are excited to invite you to our 3RD-THURSDAY the 10th edition here at Arts Letters & Numbers! Started in January 2019, 3RD-THURSDAY has been growing to deconstruct and expand the realm of art with the mission of pursuing the unknown. How do we define art? To what extent can we call art? Who are the artists? Regardless of what we are, counselors, programmers, or postmen, these questions allow us to rediscover and explore what life is made of. 3RD-THURSDAY is open to ones who are passionate and value the exchange of each other’s stories. We encourage our team, our artists in residence, and our extended community to join us for this event.


  • Time: 7 to 9 pm on Thursday, Oct 17th

  • Place: 1548 Burden Lake Road, 2nd Floor, Averill Park, NY 12018


  • We welcome all artists regardless of age, experience or medium.

  • There is no registration fee or admission. As a nonprofit organization, we gratefully accept the donation at the bar or by the door.

  • Presenting artists are required to be part of the show. As it is a community and local event, we aim for intimate exchange between the artists and attendants.

  • The space is located on the second floor. There are freight and handicap elevators available in the building.

  • We will receive artists and their works on the day of the event at 10 am. At that time, spaces will be designated among those present. And we expect you to finish your set up an hour before the event (18:00) for final general arrangements.

  • We are located in Averill Park, a small city of Rensselaer County in upstate New York. About 25 minutes away by car from the center of Albany or Troy, in case you have time left to go around after setting up your work and the start of the event.

  • In case you are coming by bus or train, there is no public transport that gets to our place. Consider taking a taxi, uber or a 1-hour bike ride (if you’ve got one with you).

  • We only consider registrations done through the google form (link below) by Monday, Oct 14th. Messages from Instagram, Facebook, emails or phone calls will not be taken into account. For questions, please email

  • Once you submit your registration you will receive a confirmation email from our team on Tuesday, Oct 15th.

  • Please do not leave any trace after the show. If you bring it with you, either bring it back or make sure it gets into a trash receptacle.

  • The show doesn’t welcome commercial sponsorships, transactions, or advertising. But it is very welcome to put out your name cards and contact info.

  • In case you want to stay the night over on Wednesday and/or Thursday, we offer accommodation upon availability on our premises.


3RD-THURSDAY 09 | September Edition

Presented Artists: Anna Baldi, Hyunbae Chang, Matt Crane, Chelsea Farquhar, Britta Grassman, Sophia Krupsha, Hannah Margolis, Carolina Muñoz, Alan Opresko, Jennifer Park, Stacy Scibelli, Jose Subiabre

3RD-THURSDAY 07 | July Edition

Presented Artists: Hyunbae Chang, Renee Cheesman, Frida Foberg, Dewen Ju, Sophia Krupsha, Ying Lin, Alice Momm, Jennifer Park, Josephine Nørtoft Saabye, Arezu Salamzadeh, Zubin Singh, Jennifer Zackin

3RD-THURSDAY 06 | June Edition

Presented Artists: Frida Braide, Hyunbae Chang, Isabella Chydenius, Liao Dean, Frida Foberg, Hana Falconer, Kyle Giacomo, Colleen Keough, Marie Claire Macadar, Robin McLauglin, Natalie Jauregui Ortiz, Joe Poon, Christina Rosati, Julia Rosen, Josephine Nørtoft Saabye, Rachel Van Wylen

3RD-THURSDAY 05 | May Edition

Presented Artists: Hyunbae Chang, Chadchom Cheskhun, Kay Eastwood, Kyle Giacomo, Natasha Holmes, James Whiting

3RD-THURSDAY 04 | April Edition

Presented Artists: Ximena Borges, Hyunbae Chang, Diane DeBlois, Frida Foberg, Robert Dalton Harris, Natasha Holmes, Thomas R Pendergast, Anna Wilson

3RD-THURSDAY 03 | March Edition

Presented Artists: John Butkus, Earl Carlson, Frida Foberg, Kristina Kassem, Jennifer Park

3RD-THURSDAY 02 | February Edition

Presented Artists: Hyunbae Chang, Reenie Charrière, Cara Farnan, Eunbi Kim, Daniel J. Kuperberg, Clare Lyons, Efrat Peleg, Julie Timm Vejleaa

3RD-THURSDAY 01 | January Edition

Presented Artists: John Butkus, Stephen Chan, Hyunbae Chang, Soomin Kim, Tyler Mills, Natsumi Osborn, Jennifer Park, Kari Watson, Jenny Zender