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Deadline Early Bird Applications for Zoëtrope Sun

If you ask a physicist about light, they will say it’s fundamental to their work. If you ask a photographer about light, they will say it’s fundamental to their work. If you ask a painter about light, they will also affirm that light is fundamental to their work. An astronomer, a filmmaker, a biologist, an architect, all will say light is fundamental to their work. Often light exposes both the commonalities and distinctions between disciplines and this can be of great value in illuminating the questions of an individual work within any given discipline.

During the four-week intensive workshop, we will bring together Architects, Artists, Filmmakers, Musicians, Composers, Physicists, Poets, Craftspeople, Photographers, Actors, Mimes, Chefs, Magicians, Historians, Scientists, and Scholars to co-construct a disciplinary Zoëtrope: a living system of knowledge-transformation turning within light and time, water and clouds, life and still life, cameras and projectors, nights and days, words and voices, an emergent microclimate that evokes the origins of life itself—animation, anima, zoë, life—a “Zoëtrope Sun”

Our Solar System contains countless Zoëtropes. The Earth itself can be understood as a Zoëtrope as its surfaces ceaselessly turn through state-changes. The sun’s heat establishes a filter for its light as the clouds form a floating blanket of evaporation, absorbing from below, backlit from above. Many suns are caught, held up by this parasol of evaporation, as some rays pass through, projecting upon the surfaces below. Then drops of rain fall, returning to the total, each reflecting their own sun, each forming a brief circle upon re-entry, an ungovernable storm of geometry, and then a rainbow.

This year’s Summer Workshop is sparking many collaboration opportunities with people and organizations near and far. One of these that we are excited to share at this time is the creation of the music program, a new component of the workshop that will be led by Musician/Composer Michael Harrison. We are once again setting the stage for the next phase in the evolution of the Arts Letters & Numbers project. Summer 2016 will see the dawn of the rising Zoëtrope Sun. 


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Film Screening | PINA
Later Event: March 30
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