Workshop II - Exquisite Broken Circle: Suddenly a Chora
Workshop II: Summer 2013 // The Mill—Averill Park, NY

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Today, education in the broadest sense holds the capacity of developing new pathways of interaction and forms of knowledge that address the challenges of our increasingly complex world. Arts Letters & Numbers is a space to understand, withstand and ultimately create transformation that embodies our best hopes and aspirations. Like many complex structures such as language or molecular structures, disciplines are polymorphic, they transform relationally, taking on different structures, forms and organizations depending on their disciplinary environment. Knowledge evolves; creating situations of proximity and interaction among a great diversity of forms of knowledge gives rise to mutual transformation, builds new linkages, new thought processes, new questions and new works.

“Some things we plan, we sit and we invent and we plot and cook up, others are works of inspiration, of poetry.” Nick Cave

The coming Arts Letters & Numbers summer workshop grew out of the perfect combination of planning and poetry. Building from the experiences of last summer, and incorporating discoveries found through our recent work, we developed this summer’s workshop titled ‘Exquisite Broken Circle; Suddenly a Chora’. Structured through six disciplines; construction, drawing, film/photography, writing, theater and music/sound the workshop is conceived of as a disciplinary exquisite corpse. Each of these disciplines will work in parallel and in close proximity, directly interacting though a framework of shared questions and actions.

During the eight-week intensive workshop, together, we will build a bridge; a bridge that is a stage, a drawing board, a film screen, a story, a place to act—a bridge between many disciplines. This bridge will be co-constructed, as each step in its construction will be developed as a series of shared questions across all of the disciplines. As we excavate the site, we will ask: What is excavation in drawing? in film, in writing, in theater, in music. As we pour the foundations we will ask what are foundations in drawing, in film, in writing, in theater, in music. As we raise the structure, we will ask what is structure in drawing, in film, in writing, in theater, in music. As raise a new horizon, we will ask; what is horizon in drawing, in film, in writing, in theater, in music? Week by week as we move thought the shared questions we will co-construct a work, an emergent space between all of the disciplines.

The final two-week session titled ‘Suddenly a Chora’ will focus on the interdependency and autonomy of the questions and will culminate in a live performance built between all of the works. The hope is that through the shared framework of questions and actions we will create a disciplinary Chora; a space where a great diversity of telling and listening creates new questions and works.

The structure of the workshop is at once simple and complex. In order to properly convey the idea, we offer you a work: a film. This introductory film announcing the workshop can be viewed on our home page. Enjoy!

Workshop 2013

  • Session I: Excavation
    Week one: Surveying
    Week two: Digging

  • Session II: Foundation
    Week three: Footings
    Week four: Form works

  • Session III: Structure
    Week five: Beams
    Week six: Horizons

  • Session IV: Suddenly a Chora
    Week seven: Acting
    Week eight: Performing

All Participants will take part in the construction of the bridge-stage. Parallel to this construction, individuals will select to focus on one or two of five offered disciplines: Drawing, Writing, Music/Sound, Film/Photo, Theatre.

Application Request - Now accepting applications.

We are now accepting application requests for the Summer 2013 Workshop— Exquisite Broken Circle: Suddenly a Chora.

Participants may come for the full eight-week program or choose to participate for one or more of the two-week sessions.

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