Multiple Exposure in Real Time

it’s a movie theater, 

it’s a still camera,

it’s a darkroom.

It’s a veil though which we can see the world.


The camera views the world as it goes by. Views layers of realities; superimpose them. Views the world just outside; a world you would hardly stop to look at - to look across the street; to look down the street – however, the camera permits that. The projected flipped image in the dark gallery creates a separation. Through this veiled the viewer ventures back into the world as this separation allows him to simultaneously


            view it

            enter it


As you enter into the camera and into the image-making chamber, light collides bringing forward new constellations, forms, figures… absorbing them, revealing them to the world, co-constructing them between the camera and the I.


I am the aperture. I am the shutter. I am the focus. I am the camera.


Being the camera comes with certain freedoms. I now have control over the projection plan. I can stitch it together, move it, bend it, curve it, kiss it, draw on it, hold it, lift it, let it fall, split it into twenty different plans.


There is a great aspect of education in this project, the interaction with a curious audience. The education of me as I experiment with exposure and developing inside the camera. The back part of the Gallery/ camera has become a darkroom. Here the exposed paper is developed. In that sense it is a very empathetic project; it is being build between us, and the things we see.


The last couple of year I have been doing a lot of experiments with 35mm film multiple exposure. Doing multiple exposures with a analog film camera, has always been a bit of a mystery for me. I can see that I can do it, I have the pictures to prove it, but I always have an ambiguity feeling about it; I couldn’t see what was going on. I think constructing the camera/ darkroom has been my way of trying to understand multiple exposure photography. To get in between it; to get in it.