Alumni Troupe and Fellows

Over the years a changing cast of extraordinary people have contributed to the building of Arts Letters & Numbers in a spectrum of ways. From the beginning when this Troupe gathered in a New York City diner to dream up, plan and enact our first summer workshop, to the mill where we have been literally banging the project into existence since 2012, this Troupe has moved with creative urgency and remarkable dedication of purpose. Last year, the Troupe evolved into our current Fellows Program, which continues as an essential component of the organization, drawing up and out, our forward movement. Many of these dedicated people who have made great contributions as Troupe and Fellows have gone on to do extraordinary things all over the world. While these alumni are no longer within the Fellows Program, many are still contributing to the organization in other ways. We would like to acknowledge the critical contributions of all the alumni of both the Troupe and Fellows Program. Arts Letter & Numbers would not exist without them, and they will always be part of the ALN Family.